Welcome to Headspace~

I know how to write this introduction without sounding awkward. To be honest, I’m already awkward as it is. I don’t need to be even more awkward. But if I’m going to start this whole shebang properly, I need to just get out there and say it.

So, uh, hi!

(God, kill me now.)

My name is Sara. Right now I’m stuck in Vermont, being whiplashed by the rising and falling temperature, but I’m originally from New Jersey. I’m a sophomore at not-University of Vermont,  and I am a Professional Writing major. Thus explaining the lack of pretty pictures and the walls of text.

So what is Headspace? I sort of made the name up on the fly. I wanted a pretentious-sounding name that would convey something beyond words, and draw you deep into a liminal state where ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are their own dimensions or galaxies or something.

But I’m not pretentious. I like to pretend I am. But really, the closest this blog will get to being “deep” is the stratosphere.

Here’s what Headspace really is: the place where I talk about what’s on my mind. Usually it’ll be something related to geek culture. I am into a lot of geeky stuff, and I am usually thinking way too deep about them, so I will talk in-depth (or somewhat in-depth) about something I’ve watched or read or played.

But I do want to try reaching into the pot of pretentiousness and talk about deeper things. Maybe some social commentary, maybe some current events, or maybe some analysis on stuff I normally wouldn’t talk about in my personal life. Just things I want to get out and share with someone, anyone, out there.

So I hope you take the leap and explore the landscape that is my Headspace. Hopefully you share some of yours with me too.



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